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Monotype Fonts offers a full-featured trial that gives you a chance to explore the entire font library. And yes, that includes both classic and cutting-edge fonts, as well as designs from our incredible type foundry partners. So, what are you waiting for?

150,000+ fonts from the get-go

30 days to do your thing

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A Trial Includes

→  Full access to the entire Monotype Fonts library of over 150,000 fonts.
→  Unlimited rights to mockup and prototype with all typefaces in the library.
→  Ability to share, organize, and shortlist your favorite typefaces.
→  Option to invite your team so everyone has the chance to check us out.
→  Opportunity to import fonts from your personal library.


From fan favorites to new fonts that make you say, “oh, that’s pretty,” indulge in the creative search with our vast typeface library. Always high-quality and handcrafted with care, our fonts amplify your brand with brilliant artwork.


Playing around with fonts and prototyping is half of the fun. But what fun would it be if you were limited to a narrow library? Explore and experiment with over 150,000+ fonts. Then, if you want, scrap it and start all over again. Make as many designs are you want with as many typefaces as you want.



Font licensing is tricky business. Really, it can cost you time, money, and overall is pretty confusing. We wouldn’t want you to spend hours of work focused on complex licensing agreements. So, we took care of the paperwork to make sure you are always compliant with font licensing regulations. One less headache. More time for designing.


The bigger the team, the more important it is to have everyone on the same page. With Monotype Fonts you can manage all your users in one place. Best part? You can customize roles for internal teams and even external partners. It’s up to you who gets access and to how much. Just another way we align your team.

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