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Font Subscriptions


What is Monotype Fonts?

Monotype Fonts is a one-stop shop for the fonts you need for your design work. It gives you access to an ever-growing library of over 40,000 typefaces from the Monotype Library and world-renowned independent type foundries. All these fonts are available to use to create an unlimited number of mockups, pitch decks, and prototypes. Monotype Fonts is an intuitive platform that streamlines experimenting, creative collaboration, and font licensing.


What can I do with Monotype Fonts?

A Monotype Fonts subscription allows you to:

  • Create unlimited prototypes and mock-ups using 40,000+ typefaces from a library of high-quality, award-winning fonts. Choose tried-and-tested iconic designs or cutting-edge contemporary releases from world-renowned independent studios like Latinotype, Mark Simonson, Fontfabric, and the Monotype Studio. You only need to pay for the fonts that go into production.
  • Find the right font in seconds — advanced search tools such AI tags, filters, and type tester help you find the best font for your project among thousands of good ones.
  • Get rid of time-consuming tasks like hunting down and installing missing fonts. Monotype Fonts supplies missing fonts in various creative apps and allows teams to organize and manage all their fonts in one platform.

How does Monotype Fonts make workflow more efficient?

Monotype Fonts is designed to eliminate a lot of the complications creatives often face when working with type. 

  • Monotype Fonts keeps your digital workspace organized. Our font management system makes sorting, categorizing, and sharing fonts easy. You can create lists, folders, and “favorite” fonts all in one place.
  • Powerful syncing and design app integration delivers the fonts you need right to your design application. This means you don’t have to download a single font file — all you have to do is click ‘sync,’ and Monotype Fonts will supply the missing fonts in most major applications, including Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Sketch, Figma, and more.
  • Cut out time-consuming and costly admin tasks. Monotype Fonts you don’t have to spend time searching for fonts across multiple marketplaces, jump through hoops to get purchases approved, or buy a new license every time a client requests a design change. A Monotype Fonts subscription means all the fonts have been paid for ahead of time.
  • Monotype Fonts simplifies font licensing through detailed subscription plans that ensure your company is only paying for the fonts you actually need and use. These needs are simplified in terms of users, ad impressions, and web page views.
  • Safe cloud storage makes working across the globe seamless and secure. Share your work, lists, and folders with colleagues around the world for optimal collaboration. And if you’re an admin, control access rights to make sure everyone is using the right fonts.

Which creative design apps does the sync and integration feature work on?

This feature is available on the following apps:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC — Mac & Windows, versions 19 - 21
  • Adobe InDesign CC — Mac & Windows, versions 19 - 21
  •  Adobe InCopy CC — Mac & Windows, versions 19 - 21
  • Adobe Illustrator CC — Mac & Windows, versions 19 - 21
  • Adobe Acrobat — Mac & Windows, version Pro 2020
  • Sketch — Mac, version 70-71 
  • Keynote — Mac, version 11.1

What is the difference between Monotype Fonts and other online font services?

While other services might only offer a font library, Monotype Fonts is an organized font system that allows admins and creatives to store and use all their fonts from one central place. When you sign up you gain instant access to over 40,000 fonts, dedicated and individualized support, and expert insight from the Monotype Studio in the form of thought leadership articles and curated font collections.



What fonts are available through a Monotype Fonts subscription?

All plans offer access to the entire Monotype Library of over 40,000 high-quality, award-winning fonts and the most up-to-date collections from the world’s best foundries and type designers.


This includes iconic workhorses like Helvetica Now and Futura Now to modern designs such as Macklin and Cotford. Explore typefaces from over 25 foundries, such as Latinotype, Fontsmith, Mark Simonson, Laura Worthington, and of course, The Monotype Studio. All of our fonts are ready to use, with complete information about glyph and language support, so you know what you’re getting from the start.


Plus, we’re constantly adding new fonts to our inventory to provide you with as many options as possible.


How can I find a specific font/the best font for my needs?

Use one of the many Monotype Fonts features for a successful and efficient font search.


Our powerful search engine and its advanced search filters sort through the fonts in the Monotype Library as well as any previously purchased fonts that you have imported. You can find fonts by name or family, or search for your favorite foundry or designer.


Monotype Tags are built using AI technology that maps specific typographic features to different moods and descriptors, ensuring that you get accurate search results.


You can further refine your search results using stackable filters or the similarity engine. You can filter results by:

  • Style (e.g. serif, sans serif)
  • Visual properties (e.g. weight, width)
  • Typographic features (e.g., Ligatures, Fractions, Shaping, Spacing etc.)
  • Language support 
  • Foundry 
  • Source (Monotype Fonts or Imported Fonts)

What if a font isn’t available in the Monotype Library?

While we try our best to maintain the most extensive, up-to-date type library, new fonts are created and released daily, so there is always a chance we might not have the font you need. However, the Monotype Fonts “similar font” feature does a great job of suggesting typeface alternatives.


You can also contact our support team at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help bring you the fonts you need.


What are web fonts, and why should I use them?

Web fonts are designed for online displays, such as websites and digital ads. They render cleanly, regardless of device resolution or pixel density, and ensure your project loads quickly and consistently everywhere your content is seen, i.e., browsers, operating systems, and devices. And even if layouts (or ideas) change, web fonts allow text to automatically re-flow to guarantee they appear as intended. All Monotype Fonts Pro plans offer web fonts.

Production Fonts/Licensing


How does Monotype Fonts make font licensing easier?

Monotype Fonts streamlines font licensing by completing the paperwork for you. With a Monotype Fonts subscription, your work is under one license, which ultimately makes infringement a lot less likely.


What does unlimited experimenting mean?

Unlimited experimenting means all users are allowed to access and use any typeface from the library for non-commercial use. Creatives are free to use as many fonts as they need to design mockups, pitch decks, and prototypes.


By contrast, production fonts can be distributed commercially. Here are some of the ways you can deploy the fonts:

  • Desktop
  • Web fonts
  • Digital ads
  • eBooks
  • Mobile apps

What are production fonts, and how many do I get?

Production fonts are the fonts you choose to use commercially and share outside your organization. With every Monotype Fonts subscription, you have an allotted number of production fonts. These come in sets of five. This ensures you only pay for what you need; and in the meantime, you can use any font you’d like to design mockups and other non-production work.


Refer to your Monotype Fonts contract to check how many production fonts you have available.


How do swappable fonts work, and what if I need more production fonts?

Monotype Fonts understands that your needs can change; that’s why we implemented swappable fonts and the option to upgrade your plan. Swappable fonts refer to the fonts you’ve chosen to replace your original production fonts. 

Swap your fonts by simply notifying us of the fonts you want to switch out and which fonts will take their place. Swapping your fonts is allowed once per quarter (every three months). Swappable fonts are included in the Monotype Fonts Standard, Pro, and Unlimited plans, so no extra paperwork is required. 

If you need more production fonts, we suggest signing up for a different Monotype Fonts subscription or developing a customized plan with us by emailing [email protected]



Are desktop rights included in Monotype Fonts subscriptions?

No, desktop rights are not included in Monotype Fonts subscriptions. However, you do have full freedom to use fonts to create mockups, pitch decks, and prototypes. You can even share documents internally. Only once you need to deploy a font commercially will you need to secure the appropriate desktop rights.

Plan Features


What are web page views?

Web page views refer to how often our fonts were viewed on your web page. Please note that one reader can have multiple web page views as this count refers to views, not individual users.


When a plan mentions an app, what does that mean?

When a plan mentions an app, it refers to a mobile app created using fonts from Monotype Fonts. For example, if a plan has only one app listed, your team can only use our fonts on a single app.


What if my team needs desktop rights?

If your team needs desktop rights, you’ll need to secure the appropriate desktop license, which you can purchase separately by emailing [email protected].


I like to try out fonts before putting them into production. Is this something Monotype Fonts offers?

Yes, all our Monotype Fonts subscriptions offer the ability to experiment with any font in the Monotype Library. You can create mockups, pitch decks, and prototypes to share internally.



What if I don’t know what plan is right for me?

We’ll happily walk you through your options or customize a plan to fit your font needs. Email us at [email protected]


Do you offer SSO integration?

Yes, we do. The Monotype Fonts SSO integration allows your team to have a single sign-on. There’s no need to set up individual logins for every person or constantly give permissions on the backend. Just onboard your team members and set them up in the system.


What if I need to deploy more than five fonts?

Commercial production fonts are sold in packs of five. If you need more commercial production fonts than you’ve purchased, please purchase an additional pack of five fonts. If you consistently need to deploy many commercial production fonts, we recommend the Monotype Fonts Standard, Pro, and Unlimited plans.


Does Monotype Fonts offer a trial?

Yes, we do. Monotype Fonts offers a 14-day free trial which you can sign up for here: https://www.monotypefonts.com/a/content/meet-monotype-fonts



How does a Monotype Fonts subscription help stay within budget?

Because Monotype Fonts is a font subscription service, you will be billed annually at the price of your chosen plan. From the moment you sign up, you have everything you need to create and share designs; and as a result, random font purchases are much less likely to occur. A font subscription means a stable, predictable cost that allows you to maintain your font budget.


Do I need desktop licenses to try out fonts before purchasing the ones I’ll use in the final product?

No, you do not need additional desktop licenses to test out your ideas. Every font included in the Monotype Library is available for you to use in mockups, pitch decks, and prototypes.


Can I be invoiced monthly?

We are currently working on allowing monthly invoicing. Click here to be notified once it’s available.  


Are Monotype Fonts subscriptions on auto-renewal?

No, we do not automatically renew Monotype Fonts subscriptions.

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