Less pain. More gain.

Less pain. More gain.

Meet your feel-good font manager.

Monotype Fonts takes care of the technology so you and your team can focus on the fun. We’ve kept things simple and easy to use. Our platform lets you easily organize projects, collaborate with your team, and track usage. Meanwhile, we take care of the font licensing paperwork and approval process. Monotype Fonts isn’t just for designers. It’s for everyone in your organization. From the IT to the marketing team, we created a tool meant for everyone.

Monotype Fonts is…
  • Easy to use for everyone. No confusing jargon or unnecessary knickknacks. We keep things clean and simple. A functional filter bar to find the font you need and an opportunity to organize your font library as much as you'd like with folders, lists, and labels.
  • Reliable. Wherever you are, whoever you are, use Monotype Fonts with confidence. We safely store your work in the cloud.
  • A branding paradise. You know your brand personality best. Find countless ways to express your message by experimenting with our fonts. And if you’re not the one handling the artistry, you’re still included in the process with collaborative sharing features.
  • Management made simple. We wanted to create a font subscription that focuses beyond just typefaces and encompasses all the pieces instead. With Monotype Fonts, you have the power to manage fonts and users in a single place.

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Font Management

Finders keepers.

The typeface search should be a seamless experience, not endless shuffling. Transform your font exploration from "I don’t know where to begin" to an "I don’t want it to end" experience. Filters on the side, legible typefaces, and easy-to-understand labels. Why complicate things unnecessarily? Get your team the fonts they’re looking for sooner, so they can get to creating faster.

No, to clutter. Yes, to consensus.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you know where everything is? Store all your work in a single place with Monotype Fonts. Why do our users stay so organized? Well, because it’s easy. We have helpful tools like font folders and lists, not to mention a sleek platform that’s easy on the eyes. Plus, when all hands are on deck, you can ensure everyone has the same version of the same font. Unnecessary risk? Avoided. Somebody going rogue? No, thank you. Messy clutter? Don’t know them.

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User Management

All-access pass.

We approached user management in a "set-it-and-forget-it" fashion. Onboard your team members and set them up in the system; that's it. There is no need for maintenance or constant monitoring. How awesome is that? And if your company has SSO integrations, even better. The Monotype Fonts SSO integration allows your team to have a single sign-on. There's no need to set up individual logins for every person or constantly give permissions on the backend.

Consistency, not confusion.

Do you need to ensure everyone on your team uses the same fonts? Monotype Fonts has stellar reporting and tracking features to track who uses which fonts and on what projects. And if you'd need your team to focus on just a specific set of fonts (for example), then narrow down the fonts or limit access.

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Risk Mitigation

Safe and sound.

Fonts you can trust. That’s our promise. As tempting as it is to grab free fonts from the web, the risk isn’t worth it. You and your work deserve better security and performance. Disruptions, unexpected changes, and do-overs because of uncooperative, inconsistent fonts? That's no fun. Instead, get fully featured fonts with complete figure sets, advanced OpenType features, and more.

A good kind of cloud.

It’s pretty great to have everything stored in the cloud. It means your team can work from anywhere, whenever. And the best part? The projects you’ve worked so hard on are safe. You’ll never have to worry about files disappearing or running out of space. Neither does your grind have to stop when your computer goes down.

We’ll take care of that.

Font licensing is a tricky aspect of any company’s branding and marketing strategy. There is a lot to worry about—like making sure every font is properly licensed and ready to use in commercial material. Monotype Fonts streamlined font licensing by completing the paperwork and approval process for you. So, whenever you’re prepared to share your stunning work, you’ll already be compliant with licensing regulations.


ISO Certification

Monotype’s Information Security Management System is ISO 27001:2013 Certified. Through our Information Security Management System, we address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through a system of Physical Access, Usage, Virtual Access, Confidentiality, Input, Availability, Separation, Resilience, and Integrity Controls. More details about Monotype’s ISO Certification and a copy of our certificate can be found here.

Additional layers of security
  • Monotype is in process of implementing the OWASP Verification Standard as a means to ensure that the development of our Fonts and their delivery to our customers is as secure as how we protect our customer’s data.
  • Monotype looks for excellence in Information Security from its Vendors and 3rd parties.
  • Information Security is valued by Monotype leadership, who is always encouraging us to find ways to improve.
  • Monotype maintains an RFC 2350 compliant Security Incident Response program.
  • Monotype maintains a private, by invitation bug bounty for serious security researchers. Please read the details of the program before considering asking to participate.